FAQ—Frequently Asked Questions

About Quail Arbor

Who owns this site?

This site and the domain name quailarbor.com are solely owned by a private resident of Quail Arbor. The site is provided as a courtesy to the neighborhood. This site is not affiliated with the Quail Arbor Civic Club.

Does Quail Arbor have an HOA?

No. Homeowners are not required to pay dues to any HOA because there isn’t one! The Quail Arbor Civic Club (QACC) is not an HOA and does not have the authority to impose rules or restrictions on homeowners. QACC owns and maintains the pool, tennis courts, and entrances.

Is Quail Arbor in Summerville town limits?

Most of Quail Arbor is located in unincorporated Dorchester county and is not in Summerville town limits. Some areas of QA, including QA Cove and the pool, tennis courts, and playground are in the town limits of Summerville. Refer to the street list for Summerville to see which properties are in town limits.

Crime and Safety

Reporting suspicious or criminal activity

For Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office dispatch, call 843-873-5111. Non-dispatch number is 843-832-0300.

For Summerville Police, call 843-875-1650.

For other issues visit www.dorchestercountysc.gov.

Reporting stray animals

Call Dorchester County animal control at 843-563-0015.


My street light is out. Who do I call to get it fixed?

Dominion Energy at 888-333-4465.

Who picks up garbage around here?

The town of Summerville picks up garbage for the few properties that are in town limits. Most residents will need to establish garbage collection service with a private company, such as Eadie’s (843-832-0440).